New Black Panther Party brags it’s just ‘like Founding Fathers’: ‘Willing to kill to save a black nation’

Warning: Very strong language in recording.

The last thing America needs is more incendiary and divisive racial rhetoric, but that’s exactly what a leader in the New Black Panther Party did when he declared they must be “willing to die or kill to save a black nation.”

National chairman, Hashim Nzinga, was talking on “Black Power Radio” when he referred to what he called military-style law enforcement in black neighborhoods and said “America has declared war on us.”

“America is about protecting the rich and the powerful,” Nzinga said.

“We pay taxes. They’ve declared war on us and it’s nothing but state racism.”

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Nzinga sees the New Black Panther’s movement as a similar one to that of America’s Founding Fathers and would like the same recognition.

“So if we say we are at war, we should be applauded like George Washington. We should be applauded like Thomas Jefferson,” he said.

“We should be applauded like the Founding Fathers of the country.”

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In a country that no longer teaches the truth about American History, it’s frightening to think of impressionable youth who might take Nzinga’s word at face value.

“This is not the hate hour, this is the love hour,” Nzinga said before taking a very grim turn.

“We have to love ourselves enough to be willing to die or kill to save our babies and to save a black nation that is dying before our eyes.”



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