Michael Moore releases mind-numbing demands: Release criminals, disarm cops

Progressive filmmaker Michael Moore, capitalizing on the civil unrest brewing throughout the nation,  unleashed a series of specific “demands” via Twitter on Thursday as an antidote to what he sees as the mistreatment America’s black population.

The violent riots in Baltimore, no doubt, provided the perfect opportunity for Moore’s latest spurt of grandstanding furor. He demanded that all African-American prisoners incarcerated for drugs or nonviolent offenses be released from prisons effective immediately, and police be stripped of their guns.

Here is the tweet that started his rant:

Perhaps in a fit of (feigned?) anger, Moore then released his step-by-step action plan to right the wrongs of the social injustice he feels is inflicted upon poor communities by police – the same communities run by the Democratic party for decades.

It’s interesting how Moore invoked the Founding Fathers and championed Second Amendment rights when it suited HIS narrative. Too bad his narrative lacks any inkling of common sense, which did not go unnoticed.

Social media backlash to the seasoned grandstander’s absurd demands was swift and justified.


Even a few police officers had words for Moore, including one famous African-American.

Verbal justice.


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