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‘F*** your flag’ social media challenge to desecrate US Flag meets FULL-FORCE patriotism

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Perhaps there’s no greater example of the morally bankrupt, deeply divided, and systemically frustrating times Americans are facing than with a twisted movement being launched over the Internet.

F*** your flag!” started as a social media challenge after Eric Sheppard, a student at Valdosta State University went missing last week, according to Campus Reform.

Sheppard was part of an April 17 demonstration where protesters stomped on the American flag to decry white supremacy and African-American “genocide.” The demonstration received national attention after Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart was recorded being arrested for trying to rescue the flag.

Sheppard, a self-described terrorist against white people, has been in hiding since campus police found his unattended backpack with a gun inside. According to Campus Reform, he is also a member of the New Black Panther Party, a group that recently stated “they are willing to kill to save a black nation.”

In an effort to find Sheppard, fellow supporter Erica Walker, and others started a media campaign that consists of mostly young people desecrating the American flag in a depressing show of solidarity.

Walker, who worked for CBS Atlanta and currently works as a radio talk show host, according to her LinkedIn profile, got the #EricSheppardChallenge rolling with a video showing her proudly stomping on the American Flag.

The movement struck a chord with other disgruntled youth who posted videos of themselves degrading the American flag, but has garnered just as much, if not more, backlash.

Some might be participating but patriots will always rise up, and this is a big reason why…

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