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Exasperated ABC reporter to WH: Is ‘out-and-out bribery’ the only problem you’d have with Hillary?

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After grilling chief White House spokesman Josh Earnest and getting nowhere on the issue of unreported foreign donations to the Clintons during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, an exasperated reporter asked if it takes “out-and-out bribery” to get the president’s attention.

ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl questioned Earnest Thursday on Clinton’s failure to disclose donations coming into the Clinton Foundation, violating  an agreement between the former secretary of state and the president.

“Once again, we’re learning that the Clinton Foundation did not disclose foreign donors as they had assured the president — as Secretary Clinton had assured the president she would,” Karl said to Earnest. “So I have to ask you again:  Is the president disappointed that Secretary Clinton apparently did not live up to the very promises of transparency that she promised the president that she would?”

Earnest, ignoring the question,  stated instead how proud the president was of Clinton, later adding that he was “not aware of all the details” regarding the Clinton Foundation’s disclosure discrepancies.

That was all the opening Karl needed.

“Ok, well I’ll give you just one: The Clinton Health Access Initiative,” he said. “While she was secretary of state, their contributions from governments, almost all of them foreign governments — this was in this Boston Globe story today, doubled from $26.5 million to $55.9 million while she was secretary of state. Foreign governments doubling the amount money that was going to this Clinton charity. And none of it disclosed.”

“But also, no evidence to indicate that those contributions had any impact –” Earnest replied.

Karl jumped in. “Is that the bar?,” he asked.

“– on any policy decisions that she made,” Earnest finished.

Appearance of impropriety is not a standard in the Obama White House, apparently.

“You have to prove bribery?” a dumbfounded Karl asked. “Is that the only thing that would be a problem is out-and-out bribery?”

One Twitter user observed:

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