Woman who ran out on 30-mile cab fare sentenced to go the distance — every step of it

An Ohio woman who ran out on a cab fare after getting a 30-mile ride found out from a judge last week just how far a trip […]

Obama’s Justice Department still gunning for gun owners — WITHOUT a vote of Congress

Even with Eric Holder out of the picture, the Department of Justice has gun owners in its sights. The Department of Justice has announced plans to flex […]

BACKLASH: Football fans tackle atheist group trying to blitz pre-game prayers

An atheist group has their sights set on stopping pre-game prayers for one college football team. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which seems to rear its ugly […]

‘Straight-up self-defense’: 3 teens try to rob armed man moving into apartment; 2 survive

There goes the neighborhood — for hoodlums, anyway. Three would-be Colorado gangbangers picked the wrong people to rob late Friday night when they approached three other men […]

Fox News’ Brit Hume joins Krauthammer slamming Rand Paul: is he even a Republican?

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul promises voters that he is a “different kind of Republican,” but Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume wonders if he’s even running for […]

Can you hear them, Al? Families of NY gun violence victims PLEAD for return of stop-and-frisk

Is Al Sharpton listening? A spike in violent crime in New York City since Mayor Bill de Blasio effectively put an end to police officers’ right to […]

Taliban swapped for Bergdahl free to resume terror war; Fox News analyst knows what to do

Watch the latest video at Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters offered an elegant, brutally simple solution to five Taliban commanders released from Guantanamo Bay by […]

Teacher under investigation for online jokes — and ‘Outnumbered’ is ON HER SIDE

An elementary school teacher is under investigation for sharing posts that are shared by millions on social media. An unidentified teacher at Columbia Heights Elementary School in […]

Show of class: How GOP presidential field put politics aside as brain cancer claimed Biden’s son

In a show of class rarely seen in politics today, Republican presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz offered words of condolence to Vice President Joe Biden after the passing […]

Hooters waitress gives favored customer the gift of a LIFETIME

A Hooters waitress and a longtime customer will have a special relationship now, after the waitress gave the customer the gift of a lifetime. Literally. Mariana Villarreal, […]

John Kerry injured in bike crash gets ZERO SYMPATHY: ‘Is the bike okay?’

Let’s hope this is not an omen for what we can expect from the nuclear talks being held with Iran. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his […]

The ‘Ferguson Effect’: How Obama’s racial pimping has endangered ALL Americans

The effort to paint the nation’s police officers as uniformed crime families — led by the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder and America’s racial grievance […]

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