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Sheriff Clarke defends cops against Obama insults, ‘disdain’ for the police

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke condemned President Obama for the remarks he made about the riots in Baltimore, saying the president makes general comments about rioting being wrong “then right away goes on the assault against the American police officer.”

On Tuesday, Obama denounced the burning and looting that took place in Baltimore, but after pointing to Ferguson, Mo., he added that “there are some police who aren’t doing the right thing.”

“I think there are police departments that have to do some soul-searching,” Obama said.

“I stood in utter disbelief last night as the president of the United States once again … a big swing and  miss,” Clarke said Wednesday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

“If this was horse racing, he’d be stumbling out of the gate. If it were football, he’d have been flagged for a false start.”

Clarke, who accused Obama with showing a “general disdain” for police officers, cautioned about a rush to judgement.

CNN host blames veterans for Baltimore
riots; ‘pathetic’ explanation follows backlash

A warning that follows a Washington Post report that a witness said Freddie Gray, who died while in Baltimore police custody, may have been intentionally trying to injure himself while inside a police van.

Pointing to all the racial animosity in America, Clarke said Obama is “enjoying this.”

“He’s built a career off of dividing people,” he said. “Creating divisions, stoking animosity, the rich versus the poor, the one percent, tax the rich, the war on women…It’s been very destructive for America.”

Tom Tillison


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