Older woman silences Baltimore thugs’ obscene rant: Show some intelligence!

A group of unruly protesters, after spotting a camera, went off on a profane rant denouncing Baltimore authorities, including the African-American mayor, but the rant came to a screeching halt when an older woman approached the group.

The unidentified woman chastised the group for their “indignantbehavior, telling the protesters to show viewers that they have some intelligence.

And it was clear that this woman commanded their respect.

*Caution: Strong Language

“I want to say, f*** the mayor, that b***h a clown!” a young girl said in the video posted by IJ Review. “F*** her, f*** the governor, f*** everybody! F*** the Baltimore city police department!”

As other protesters started weighing in, the older woman approached the group.

“We got class about ourselves! the woman said. “We don’t need to be here acting indignant and cursing! We don’t need to do that.”

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The group pushed back somewhat, but minus the earlier profanity.

“You show them that you’ve got some intelligence … you’ve got more intelligence than that,” the woman added. “We’re going to do this in decency and all.”

Maybe Hillary was right, it does take a village.


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