Bush joins returned veterans for 5th annual ride to treat ‘the invisible wounds of war’

Former President George W. Bush began the fifth annual W100K Thursday, where he invites a group of wounded warriors to join him for an inspiring 100 kilometer mountain bike ride in and around his ranch in Crawford< Texas.

This year Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel went along for the ride, and got the chance to talk to “Dubya” before they took off.

“Some of the people we ride with have come back home with an injury that’s treatable, but an injury that makes it really hard for them to see a positive moment … A lot of programs in the country are dedicated to helping these warriors become the productive citizens we know they can be.

“They’re injured and yet they refuse to allow their injury to consign them to a dull, meaningless life,” Bush told Siegel.

Siegel noted that the Bushes “invited 17 injured service men and women into their home” at Prairie Chapel Ranch, “and another 14 are joining them on Saturday.”

Although Siegel is not among those dealing with severe injuries, he mentioned that because the trails are wet, he was among the first top fall.

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