Black comic wants to ‘ban’ whites from saying ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’; how did white America respond?

Try as they might to avoid it happening, the left always manages to let their totalitarian slip show.

The latest example comes from “comedian” W. Kamau Bell, who would like to see white people banned from saying the words “Martin“, “Luther“, “King“, & “junior“.

Bell claims to be the host of “United Shades of America,” an upcoming show on CNN — no surprise — according to his Twitter bio, noted.

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“I tell jokes, but I’m not kidding,” his bio states — and we’re sure you’re not kidding.

His motivation in dictating what white people can and cannot say is to help them “find new ways to talk about racism,” according to a tweet he posted on Twitter:

Bell’s inspiration likely came from an earlier tweet from “progressive” zealot and actor Mark Ruffalo, who linked to an article from the vile, hard-left website Daily Kos.

Based on the reaction from some social media users to the tweets, neither one generated the desired response. Here is a sampling from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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