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Kerry denies report that he wishes ‘US had a leader like Iran’s supreme leader’

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Bumbling through negotiations with an Iranian regime hell-bent on obtaining nuclear arms to threaten the United States and Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry is making headlines again, as his Persian counterparts report that America’s top diplomat secretly envies the Islamic Republic and their religious dictatorship.

Secretary of State John Kerry (Photo: Daily Telegraph)

Kerry wants a supreme leader in Washington like the Iranians have in Tehran, a senior member of the murderous mullahs’ regime said last week.

“In the negotiations, Kerry told [Iranian Foreign Minister Javad] Zarif that he [Kerry] wished U.S. had a leader like Iran’s supreme leader,” the official, Alam al-Hoda, said, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The State Department is officially denying the remark, according to the Free Beacon, but al-
Hoda’s statement to the Iranian news agency Asriran isn’t all that hard to imagine from Kerry, considering he works for a president who clearly thinks he has “supreme leader” powers and regards Congress as nothing more than an inconvenience on the road to progressive power.

And since Kerry himself tried for the top spot back in 2004, with a now-disgraced running mate, it’s really not that hard to picture him saying the words himself.

Social media users weren’t amused.

And they’ve got a limited window to operate in.

Even worse al-Hoda’s report about Kerry supreme leader envy, though, was his assessment of the U.S. world position in the sixth year of the Obama Era.

The “U.S. and Israel have not been so weak any time before,” he said, according to the Free Beacon.

As the president said in his BuzzFeed video back in February:

“Thanks, Obama.”



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