Houston police officer stabbed without warning at Wal-Mart; ‘heroic’ customers jump attacker

In the immediate aftermath of the violent riots in Baltimore denouncing the actions of police in that city, a police officer was violently attacked at a Wal-Mart in Houston.

Without warning, a black man walked up to a uniformed Houston Community College police officer working as a security guard at the store early Tuesday and began stabbing her with a large knife, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Photo Credit Houston Chronicle

The newspaper reported that the armed officer was sitting on a stool near the cash registers when the man approached her without saying a word, pulled out a hunting knife and attacked.

But for the heroic actions of customers and employees, who jumped on the man and subdued him, even as he tried to get the officer’s gun, the unidentified officer would surely have been killed.

“Those are the heroes here,” said Kese Smith, spokesman for the Houston Police Department. “They had a choice. They could’ve run, but they chose to intervene.”

The officer was taken to the hospital with stab wounds in her torso and arms, the Chronicle reported. She is in critical condition.

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Just hours after the vicious attack, President Obama denounced the burning and looting that took place in Baltimore, but after pointing to Ferguson, Mo., he added that “there are some police who aren’t doing the right thing.”

“I think there are police departments that have to do some soul-searching,” Obama said, suggesting the same for some communities.

He’ll have to excuse police officers in Houston if they’re a little preoccupied.

Tom Tillison


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