Geraldo Rivera surrounded by mob nearly comes to blows with Baltimore protester

With a 10 p.m. curfew in place Tuesday, police were hoping for a quiet night in Baltimore following the chaos seen in the city the night before, at least until Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera appeared on the scene.

Rivera was trying to do a live interview with Maryland state Senate Majority Leader Catherine E. Pugh for “Hannity,” just after the curfew went into effect. Surrounded by excited protesters, the interview did not get very far before a man stepped in front of the camera, blocking the shot.

Possibly forgetting he is a 71-year-old man, Rivera angrily confronted the protester.

“C’mon man, get out of the way! Get out of the way!” Rivera screamed, as he tried to push the man aside.

“Don’t touch me!” the protester yelled.

“Well stop blocking my camera! Stop blocking my camera!” Rivera yelled back.

“Stop it, you’re making a fool of yourself,” he then told the man.

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behavior in American ghettos? Lib policies created it

The exchange got so intense that Pugh physically injected herself between the two men to keep the peace, as other protesters streamed into the microphone.

The Democratic lawmaker then appealed to Rivera to back away from the crowd and do the interview across the street.

All the while, a woman protester is yelling repeatedly: “Stop making money off of black pain!”

Never mind that the reasoning offered by apologists for the protesters’ violent actions is no one pays attention to them otherwise.

As one might expect, Rivera’s tenacity was all the rage on social media. Here is a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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