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Freddie Gray’s creepy family attorney trains kids to run from cops, blames conservatives

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Fox News host Sean Hannity interviewed Freddie Gray’s creepy family attorney Tuesday night, who said young black men run from police because they don’t want to be killed.

“Why would somebody just see police and run?” Hannity asked attorney William “Billy” Murphy.

“I don’t think it’s relevant to the case inasmuch as whatever happened from the time [Gray] was arrested, he should be treated with proper care and he should have been given the medical attention,” Hannity added. “But why did he run? Do you know why?

“Because he didn’t want to have happen to him what happened to him,” Murphy replied. “And that’s why a lot of black kids run. This is an object lesson in why running from the police is rational.”

This being a  justification a lot of criminals are sure to cling to.

Murphy said he “trained” his children how to behave around police, and Hannity asked if he trained them to run from police.

“That depends on the circumstances,” the contentious attorney replied.

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Murphy suggested that unless you agree with his position that there is a “serious police brutality problem in the black community,” there’s no point having a discussion.

He went on to imply that “the right wing” ignores the plight of black children and wants to minimize police brutality.

When Hannity tried to respond by noting that conservatives want policies that are favorable to black kids, he didn’t get far.

“Conservatives don’t want to help black kids, that’s the bottom line, Sean!” Murphy said.

Tom Tillison


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