Dana Perino gets big surprise from former boss, George Bush, at speaking event

Fox News’ Dana Perino got a big surprise from her former boss Tuesday night, when the nation’s 43rd president showed up to deliver a personal introduction at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

Perino, a press secretary in the Bush White House, was on hand to discuss her book “And The Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.” Bush was on hand to do the honors.

“I got to know her quite well. I asked her to take a difficult job, which is defending me,” Bush said to laughter.

“She had to put a bright face on and dealing with a pretty aggressive group of individuals. And we want them to be aggressive, we want there to be a free vibrant press corps to hold people like me to account, and her job was to — interface with them on a daily basis.”

The former president said she did a fantastic job and he is proud to be associated with her.

“The name of her book is ‘And The Good News Is,’ that’s an interesting title isn’t it?” Bush asked before sarcastically naming other titles the book could have had. “‘Oh, What a Miserable Job I Had’ or ‘I Can’t Believe the Guy Asked Me to Do This.’”

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The admiration is clearly mutual.

“I knew George W. Bush, as a man who was not just commander-in-chief and my boss, but he almost became like a second father to me,” Perino told the crowd.

“And because he allowed me to be there with him, and tolerated me, I got to know him in a way, that through this book, I can fit the final piece of the history, which is the personal side.”


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