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Calling all moms! Dem lawmaker calls on black mothers to ‘snatch’ kids off streets

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The Baltimore riots made it to the House floor on Tuesday when U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush rose to call on African-American mothers to “snatch” their children back from the senseless violence witnessed on the streets of Baltimore this week.

Being from Chicago, Rush would know about senseless violence.

Inspired by “mom of the year” Toya Graham, who was captured on video slapping her son as she forced him to stop participating in the riots on Monday, the Illinois Democrat called on black moms to “take back our streets.”

“I would like to make a special appeal to African-American mothers across this country,” the lawmaker said. “That they begin to use their awesome powers to take back our streets from the daily violence that far too many of our youth, far too many of our families, and far too many of our communities are experiencing each and every day.”

“Beside me today is an image that many across the nation have seen and it’s the subject of conversation all across our country,” Rush said, standing next to an image of Graham.

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“The image of a strong black mother giving her son what I will call a low whooping — a low whooping — to snatch him back from the senseless violence that’s currently plaguing the city of Baltimore, Md.,” he added. “As this picture demonstrates, mothers can and mothers must be the mobilizing force to take back our streets.”

The Democrat denounced the rioters in Baltimore, saying they were “pillaging” their own neighborhood.

“That makes no sense,” he said. “That’s eating the wrapper and throwing away the candy bar.”

Rush is no stranger to theatrics on the House floor, having been escorted from the chamber in 2012 for violating House rules when he appeared in a gray hoodie and sunglasses to comment on the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Tom Tillison


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