Baltimore riots take on bizarre twist when protesters say video shows police kidnapped activist on live TV

The Baltimore riots took on a bizarre twist Tuesday when protesters charged police withkidnapping” a prominent black community organizer.

The man in question, Joseph Kent, is a well known student activist who attends Morgan State University and had previously organized protests in the Baltimore community in response to events in Ferguson, Mo., according to

There is a video of Kent being taken into custody by police.

He is seen in the video walking back in forth in front of a line of officers, when suddenly several cops step forward, surround him and pull him behind police lines.

Darrell Bouldin, a social media user who identifies himself as a Tennessee Young Democrats executive, posted the video on Twitter, calling it a “blackbag kidnapping.”

With descriptions such as this, hysteria was sure to follow. Social media users claim Kent was “snatched” for no reason and called on police to “release” him. Of course, this disregards the fact that the student was violating a 10 p.m. curfew in effect.

As of this writing, police have not issued any ransom demands – I kid!

Here is a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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