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Baltimore mob sends Elijah Cummings home with tail between legs: ‘f*** you . . . go home!’

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Veteran Democrat congressman Elijah Cummings was in front of a tough crowd Tuesday when he took to the streets of his Baltimore district pleading with protesters to go home.

Let’s just say not all of them listened.

There were even unconfirmed reports that Cummings was forced to flee the scene entirely.

To be fair, any American congressman just about anywhere can expect to hear a few obscenities from a crowd — it’s part of the American DNA. And these guys still get elected at a rate that would make an Arab emirate blush.

But Cummings, with his two decades in office characterized by shameless Democrat defensiveness is particularly vulnerable. His use of his position as ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to protect the IRS’s Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton is just the most recent, egregious examples of his willingness to sacrifice the good of the country for the good of the party.

As an embodiment of Democrat misrule, Elijah Cummings is hard to beat.

The hecklers on the street Tuesday had his number. And the Twitter users cheering them on know it.

If it’s not all you need to know, it’s pretty damn close.


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