State of emergency! Baltimore violence captured in photo, video

News cameras and cameras held by citizen journalists captured video and still images of the mob violence that swept the city of Baltimore on Monday.

Warning: Some content may be disturbing

Fox News reported:

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said during a press conference that at least 15 officers were injured during the violent protests in Baltimore on Monday.

He stated that at least six of those injured officers suffered “serious injuries” from being pelted with bottles, rocks and other debris by protesters in the city throughout the day.

In one video captured by local news station WBALTV’s helicopter, a photographer was seen being shoved, punched and kicked by the rioters.

Another video caught a white man being dragged out of a liquor store and beaten before thugs looted the store.

Speculation on social media was that the man was the store owner.

The man’s condition was not immediately known.

One of the most highly publicized incidents of reckless abandon was the looting and burning of a local CVS pharmacy. Even after firefighters arrived on the scene, some of the agitators were caught by CNN cameras cutting a fire hose being used to put out the blaze.

AP photo

AP photo

Outrage! Judge hammers white victims of armed home invasion for racism, lets criminal go free.

The riots were so bad, the Baltimore Orioles had to postpone their game against the Chicago White Sox, citing safety concerns. 

And then some people prayed . . .

Photo: Mark Puente, Twitter

Photo: Mark Puente, Twitter


Elderly Vietnam veteran stands up to Baltimore rioters, becomes hero for a night.

Here comes Sharpton! He vows to bring new AG to the party.

‘Send the moms!’ Furious mom catches son rioting, beats his butt, drags him home in front of everyone .

Rush Limbaugh: Baltimore’s getting ‘Benghazi treatment.’

Riots in Baltimore escalate into war after funeral; gangs issue death threats for cops.

Baltimore mayor’s stunning comments: We gave rioters ‘space to destroy.’

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


58 thoughts on “State of emergency! Baltimore violence captured in photo, video

  1. ONLYJB1 says:

    Remember hillary clinton corruption!

  2. ONLYJB1 says:

    So very mind boggling that just as we near the truth of corruption of a political figure a riot breaks out! Every time! It never fails.

  3. 1qaz says:

    Quote from this story..”Another video caught a white man being dragged out of a liquor store and beaten before thugs looted the store.”

    Excuse me?! They describe the beaten man as ‘WHITE”, and yet don’t have the [email protected] to describe the thugs as ‘BLACK’. The thugs are BLACK. BLACK. BLACK. Go ahead say it!

    Get over this political correct BS. These are BLACK THUGS. SAY IT! They are Black Thugs torching their own neighborhood. How frickin’ stupid can they be. Yeah…I know…….

  4. FAAQ2 says:

    Thank you God that you blessed me with no black people within 80 miles of me – I am thankful every morning that I don’t deal with these pavement gorillas – and thus I can all my ammo for more useful purposes – although I could get into shooting these dirtbags = but then i digress.

  5. FAAQ2 says:

    Since most of these back dirtbags don’t work – welfare doesn’t provide enough money for big screen Tv’s, stereos, clothes and other fine things that these maggots would never see unless they riot, burn, loot and rape !

  6. r.w. says:

    I glad I wasn’t a cop in Baltimore as I would either be in jail or looking for a job. there is no way in hell if I saw one of these lowlife pieces of crap throwing a rock at me that I would not start shooting to see if the masked jerks could out run a bullet. how the cops put up with this crap and not start shooting is amazing. they have every right to defend themselves and a rock is a lethal weapon that could sure as hell can kill so fight back with a lethal weapon and shoot to kill!!!

  7. Hendrick says:

    Yo But dat’s da way it goes down. dey don’ destroy da rich neighborhoods, dey destroy they own ‘hoods, an’ hurt they neighbors who is only slightly bettah off than dey is. Mobs, almost by definition, is immune ta logic an don’t make me pull mah gat!

  8. Tj Daniels says:

    Our county is facing a huge moral demise and the talking heads on CNN think these people are using rioting to “express their outrage” at “the system”. You have a complete lack of leadership, ie the liberal mayor of Baltimore, giving nice speeches but having no real conviction to control this type of outrageous behavior. She actually said she would have no object to Al Sharpton showing up. Yea, that will solve everything! The National Guard should have been called in AHEAD OF TIME, knowing the intelligence the PD had. The best way to stop a riot is to not allow even one moment of unlawful conduct to go unpunished. This just gave fuel to the rioters and sent a clear message that they can do what they want. You have gang bangers making death threats against law enforcement? Where are the FEDS? Oh yea, we have Obama and his cronies doing nothing once again. What about the civil rights of those people who were beaten, stores looted and others threatened with rocks and guns….silence….The dichotomy is mind numbing. So to all the looters, have a blast because Baltimore has no real leadership or anyone with a SET willing to do what it takes to eliminate the threat. Curfews are fine but a well armed militia with the green light to take whatever action necessary to quell this despicable nonsense would go a whole lot further.

    1. PI by Nature says:

      Where are the feds? Well, they didn’t create this mess…they have no responsibility to solve it. That actually is leadership…forcing the local government to clean up its own mess. As for civil rights…again, failure of the local government.

  9. pam says:

    I love this skinny pill! It melts off the fat right off your butt!! If I had known it worked so well I could had save the money I spent on hair extensions because in 3 or 4 weeks this pill can add up to 10 inches in length! All I can say is this is total bullsh*t you would be better going down the pub and buying a round for everyone! grrrrrrrrrrrr total rip off

  10. Marg says:

    Looks like a typical Democratic Party Convention to me!

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