Rush Limbaugh: Baltimore’s getting ‘Benghazi treatment’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted the Baltimore mayor Monday saying she gave the city the “Benghazi treatment.”

In particular, Limbaugh took apart Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s statement that the city gave rioters “space to destroy.”

“That’s one of the most disqualifying statements ever made by a politician. I mean, there’s no rational explanation for that,” Limbaugh said.

“I could make a pretty good guess because I know she’s a lib. As such, I know she’s angry. As such, I know she’s probably a racist. So her view is, the last thing we want to do is get anybody hurt. So, OK, these guys, they’re hell-bent on destroying something, we just gotta let it happen, ’cause if we try to stop it, there’s gonna be bloodshed.”

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Limbaugh pointed out that Blake’s strategy is the same as the failed strategy the Obama administration used that got four Americans killed in Benghazi — including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

“Baltimore is getting the Ambassador Stevens treatment in Benghazi, and that, of course, is pioneered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” he said. “So Baltimore, like our ambassador in Libya, was left unprotected and undefended, and those who wished to destroy were given space to do it because on balance — and that’s what this is all about, she said — on balance that’s the safest way to go.”

It didn’t look so safe Monday night.


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