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Elderly black man rips into black students for using ‘N-word’:’People died because of that word’

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An older black man tired of hearing the n-word from men young enough to be his grandkids tried to teach them a lesson in a video that has started to go viral with the news of the Baltimore riots.

In the video, which has no identifying location or date, the younger men were using the word with each other when the older man snapped.

“That word n***a, I’ll kick your ass right now,” he said, refusing a handshake from one of the men. “You’re insulting your heritage, man.”

WARNING: Strong language.

He continued to pay for his purchase while giving the young men a scolding that probably has their ears still ringing.

“I’m pissed off now!” he shouted. “I don’t give a shit who you are. I carry a pistol and I will whip all your asses without even moving.”

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As he left the store he gave one more parting shot.

“I’m not bullshitting. Don’t insult your heritage,” he said. “People died because of that word.”

It’s a lesson those young men should never forget.

Carmine Sabia


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