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Obama plays ‘I Don’t Care’ song during riot, sends tweet that makes heads explode

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The disconnect was jarring: an American president and the media elite enjoying a black-tie evening of champagne and laughs Saturday night while rioters rampaged in an American city only a few miles away.

And in a scene reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s famous quote “let them eat cake,” President Obama’s White House regaled the “nerd prom” audience of the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner with a song called “I Don’t Care” at the same time thousands of Orioles and Red Sox fans were trapped at a baseball game at Camden Yards.

As violence grew outside Camden Yards and around Baltimore, authorities and fans took to social media. A sampling of their tweets:

But it gets much worse.

In what may be the ultimate act of bad taste and poor timing, the White House tweeted a parody video of President Obama captioned “Welcome to the 4th quarter of my presidency,” featuring photoshopped images of the president taking his motorcade though Arby’s and swimming in the White House fountain to the Icona Pop song “I don’t care.”

Conservatives exploded with anger on social media.

The media focused on the black tie dinner, prompting even more rage.

One of President Obama’s gags involved a play on the words “bucket list,” but rhyming with “bucket.”

After Saturday night, America may enjoy more empathy with French revolutionaries in the 1790s, who overthrew their rich, uncaring and despotic king.

Welcome to Obama’s “4th quarter,” America.

Steve Berman


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