DHS registering millions of aliens as citizens to vote Democrat in 2016, source says

Proving that the Democratic Party’s immigration agenda is all about boosting voter demographics, a Department of Homeland Security source says the agency is using the federal government’s muscle to ensure Democratic victory at the ballot box.

A new program launched by Homeland Security’s Task Force on New Americans urges millions of legal immigrants in America to become citizens in time to vote in the 2016 election, Fox News reported.

“Almost all of them will vote Democrat, so you can see the motivation there,” “Fox and Friends Weekend” host Tucker Carlson said Saturday.

J. Christian Adams, an attorney and former Justice Department official, said the Obama administration is “using the levers of power to preserve power.”

“What they’re doing is doing a full-court press on getting these aliens – 9 million of them – registered as citizens in time for the 2016 election,” Adams, PJ Media’s legal editor, said. “They are redirecting resources of DHS to this effort, this campaign.”

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In an internal memo  PJ Media obtained from Leon Rodriguez, the director and co-chair of the task force, agency officials “say it nakedly … that this is all about politics,” Adams said.

“This is a transformative campaign going on to fundamentally transform the country. And if you don’t talk about it, if you don’t confront it, you’re going to lose all the other issues you care about.”

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