Clinton Foundation ‘operates as a slush fund,’ charity watchdog says

One of the country’s most influential charity watchdog groups put the Clinton Foundation on its watch list of problematic nonprofits because of sloppy record keeping.

Charity Navigator reported that while the Clinton philanthropic foundation took in more than $140 million in donations, less that 7 percent — $9 million — was paid out in direct aid. The rest went to administrative and other expenses, according to the New York Post.

Even without counting salaries for aid workers around the world, the administrative costs are far higher than the 25 percent experts deem acceptable for legitimate charitable organizations to spend on overhead.

The lion’s share of Clinton Foundation donations went to salaries, travel expenses, bonuses and huge payouts to family friends, the Post reported, adding:

On its 2013 tax forms, the most recent available, the foundation claimed it spent $30 million on payroll and employee benefits; $8.7 million in rent and office expenses; $9.2 million on “conferences, conventions and meetings”; $8 million on fund-raising; and nearly $8.5 million on travel. None of the Clintons are on the payroll, but they do enjoy first-class flights paid for by the Foundation.

In all, the group reported $84.6 million in “functional expenses” on its 2013 tax return and had more than $64 million left over — money the organization has said represents pledges rather than actual cash on hand.

Because of the problems associated with the family organization, Charity Navigators refused to rate the Clinton Foundation last month because its “atypical business model . . . doesn’t meet our criteria,” according to the Post.

By placing the foundation on its watch list, the group warned potential donors that the charity may be problematic.

Charity Navigators has 23 nonprofits on the list, including Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Other groups and individuals have called the Clinton Foundation into question.

“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons,” Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the government watchdog group Sunlight Foundation, told the Post.

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8 thoughts on “Clinton Foundation ‘operates as a slush fund,’ charity watchdog says

  1. faithandhonor says:

    And we are surprised?

    1. Guest says:

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  2. AFlaVet says:

    Jail Period..straight to jail. And let’s see if the IRS is as objective as it was with them as it was with Lerner and conservatives.

  3. Guest says:

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  4. J R Moses says:

    To those who need assistance……….I would like to ask you a question. Why would you support someone who lives on MILLIONS that are supposed to be going to help others? They are STEALING, PILFERING, SYPHONING………….whatever you want to call it…………from monies that are supposed to be going to help the needy!!! HOW CAN YOU RESPECT THAT? Quit supporting and voting for these frauds…………PLEASE!!

    1. wsurfs . says:

      Hey….It’s a nice GIG if you can get it, right? What a SCAM…..!! Roll on Clintons….Roll on…!!

  5. wsurfs . says:

    Look at that expensive necklace around Hillary’s old neck….wonder if that was purchased with CASH from that rather large slush fund …!! What a SCAM the Clintons have going..! They both need to be in prison…NOT in the White House….!! Roll on Clintons…..Roll on..!!

  6. retiredseal83 says:

    So make them pay taxes on the benefits!!!! Don’t give them any money!!!! What did you expect??

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