Team Hillary may want to rethink ‘Where will you stick yours?’ campaign

If Team Hillary’s 1990s-era logo didn’t have you shaking your head, an ill-advised GIF promoting a new bumper sticker that asks, “Where will you stick yours?” surely will.

The GIF offered a few examples of where to place the bumper stickers, including on a cat. So much for the feline lover vote.

Shoshana Weissmann, founder of Network Red, tweeted the GIF, saying:

The tweet prompted social media user @RBPundit to aptly note that “these are not words you want to have associated with ‘Clinton.'”

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“Where will you stick yours?” no doubt conjures up unappetizing recollections of former President Bill Clinton’s infamous cigar.

Team Hillary may want to rethink this one, although social media appreciated the hilarity.

Here is a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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