NPR cut this poignant story about Bush; Dana Perino NOT letting them off hook

In a glaring example of the mainstream media’s filtering of news, National Public Radio chose to cut a touching story about former President George W. Bush in favor of one more critical of him.

Appearing on NPR Thursday to promote her new book, former Bush press secretary Dana Perino shared the story of a wounded Iraqi Marine who opened his eyes for the first time in the hospital. Standing there was then-President Bush, presenting him with a Purple Heart. Perino also spoke of an inconsolable mother who “berated” Bush for his war-time policy.

NPR chose to drop the poignant retelling of the wounded veteran, but aired Perino’s mention of the grief-stricken mother.

In an interview Friday with Perino, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly said NPR’s decision to drop the Marine anecdote wasn’t “because it was not moving, [that] it wouldn’t make people feel something.” Instead, Kelly said, NPR apparently wanted “people to feel something else.”

Perino said she wrote the book, “And the Good News Is,” partly “because some of the stories about President Bush that I had a front-row seat … don’t get told enough.”

Though she said she was glad NPR interviewed her about the book, she pointed out that the reporter’s first question was about the book’s mention of the berating mother.

NPR released a statement saying that Perino had many great anecdotes, and “it’s too bad we could not include them all because of time constraints.”

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