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Apparently it’s not OK for a black, female to stand with Rand

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A black teenage girl was attacked online for supporting Republican 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul, proving again that liberal tolerance is an oxymoron.

On her Facebook page, Zuri Davis, 19, posted a picture of her wearing a “I Stand With Rand” T-shirt, prompting an observer to criticize the girl’s voting choices. But Davis had the perfect comeback.

Anti Rand

“A FEMALE AFRICAN AMERICAN who is standing with Rand,” Davis’ Facebook adversary wrote. “She must not realize the platform. The fact he’s pretty much regarded as racist, sexist, a**hole along with the rest of his party. Honey, honey, honey.”

Davis’ answer was to write a column for rare.us that schooled the Facebooker and others who think like him.

“According to the post I was reading, my love for the Constitution is not supposed to be my primary issue,” she wrote. “I am supposed to support the candidate who panders to minorities. I am supposed to support the candidate who places women above men in a misguided approach to equality. I am supposed to support the candidate who offers free contraception. I am supposed to support the candidate that speaks softly to me in idealistic sweet nothings, telling me only what I want to hear, thinking I am not smart enough to care about the state of our economy.”

Zuri Davis Supporters

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Despite supposed advances in race relations, Davis wrote that things aren’t much different today, saying: “black Americans were once told we could not sit at the front of the bus or drink from whites only water fountains. Today we are often told that we do not possess the freedom of thought.”

But Davis said she will not be pigeonholed by antiquated, preconceived ideas.

“I choose to support the candidate who believes the federal government should have limited involvement in the economy, a strong but more reasonable national defense and who believes in leaving the powers not delegated to Washington to the people and the states respectively,” she wrote. “I will not deny a party that has historically fought for my personhood, my right to vote, and my right to protect my life, liberty, and property.”

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