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Today in self-awareness . . . Obama advises ‘you don’t make change through slogans’

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President Obama, addressing a crowd of disgruntled fans at an Organizing for Action conference, offered questionable advice that has a lot of outsiders scratching their heads.

“You don’t make change through slogans,” he told the group Thursday. “You don’t make change through ignoring realities.”

Wait. What?

Actually, it makes perfect sense. Who would know better than the Obamas that slogans don’t work?

The famous “change you can believe in” slogan hasn’t seemed to fully work on the president’s far-left base which is upset over negotiations for his controversial free-trade agreement, Trans-Pacific Partnership. The goal of the OFA speech was to quell their fears.

The irony and all-around absurdity of his statement was picked up on Twitter, and quickly gained steam.

Self-awareness? Never. Speaking of which, Mrs. Obama is no stranger to how poorly slogans work either. Lest we forget,

Tragically, it turned out to be just a slogan.

H/T: Twitchy.com

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