The tingle’s gone? Chris Matthews quivers as Democrats implode, ‘it’s every MAN for himself!’

Liberal loudmouth Chris Matthews is coming unglued at the prospect that the Democratic Party is “coming apart” into a collection of special interests as President Obama’s lame-duck status deepens.

Matthews appeared as a guest on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Wednesday, explaining how the Democratic Party has devolved into “every man for himself.”

Of course, that might sound a bit sexist, given that Democrats are counting on a woman to be their next savior.

All the usual interest groups are asking “whose side are you on?” according to Matthews.  “The Democratic Party is not unified right now, it’s coming apart.”

“They’re not looking to leadership in the White House.  They’re thinking how do they save their butts politically,” Matthews said.

Matthews warned that Democrats lose when they become nothing more than a collection of special interests.

He said with a lame duck president “fading into his later part of his second term,” that’s what it looks like today.

Ironically, Matthews said the same thing about the Republican Party two years ago on “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

“It’s stunning what’s happening in the Republican Party right now.  They seem to be coming apart,” he said.

Matthews should make up his mind: which party is coming apart, or are they both coming apart?

Perhaps Matthews’ own opinions are what’s coming apart.

The Twitterverse is puzzled too.

And two years ago, MSNBC tweeted this:

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