Hillary’s scandals spill over to WH briefing; Josh Earnest spins under ABC grilling

Hillary Clinton has becoming so mired in scandal that even the mainstream media is starting to ask tough questions – for now.

Case in point, an uncomfortable few minutes for White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, when ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl hammered Earnest over numerous Clinton Foundation scandals.

Karl began his inquiries at Thursday’s White House press briefing by asking Earnest about a New York Times story regarding the Clinton’s questionable involvement with Russian state-owned energy agency, Rosatom.

“Given what has happened with Russia over the last year or two, was it a mistake to allow a Russian company to essentially corner the market on Uranium in the United States?” Karl asked.

“Was it a mistake to allow that transaction to go forward?”

After Earnest brushed off the question, stating he wasn’t familiar with the subject matter and would look into it, Karl tried a different angle. He asked if the memorandum regarding the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s generous speaking fees will ever be made public.

Earnest dodged again, stating Karl would need to ask the State Department for its policy on disclosure, but tried to maintain that the mysterious memorandum is all about “transparency.”

When Karl tried to get answers on whether Clinton had not followed her own memorandum of understanding, Earnest told him, “I’m not sure that that’s clear, but you should go ask Secretary Clinton’s team about that.”

Karl then went digging for answers about the Clinton Foundation’s dubious Algerian donations.

Again, Karl was stonewalled.

With seemingly nowhere else to go, Karl circled back around and hit Earnest on the Russian deal.

“[Were there] any objections made by agency in the United States government for the Russians making such a bold move… toward a significant section of the uranium market?”

Earnest promptly responded by assuring Karl he’d look into it.

Bet he’s doing that right now.


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