College kids don’t recognize Ronald Reagan; maybe a picture of Beyonce instead?

Dan Joseph from MRCTV hit the campus of the University of Maryland to find out whether its students could recognize what should be one of the most recognizable faces of the 20th century — Ronald Reagan, our 40th president.

And the results weren’t encouraging.

They failed miserably, with one even suggesting he may be a country music star.

“I’m not a country fan,” was her excuse.

A few were close, with one believing he was George H.W. Bush and another asking if he was “some kind of president.” But then a third guessed he was Kenny Rogers.

Joseph said he took pity on those that just plain guessed wrong.

“So, when they gave me a wrong answer, I just told them they were right and let them go about their day, having no idea that they know less about American history than a fourth-grader who sits in the back of the classroom and eats paste,” he said.

But had Joseph shown them a photo of Snoop Dogg or Beyonce, I’m sure they would have nailed it every single time.

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