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Warning . . . conservative speaker on campus! College allows ‘trigger warnings’ and safe space alerts

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The latest tactic to shut down free speech on college campuses across America features “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces,” and these gimmicks were employed in a couple of recent appearances by a conservative speaker who violated the accepted liberal narrative.

Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, spoke last week at Georgetown University and again Tuesday night at Oberlin College and her views one of the pillars of the left’s victimization mentality, the campus rape culture, failed to adhere to the progressive doctrine.

A doctrine predicated on casting the net far and wide to encompass all conceivable perceptions of sexual assault — perpetrated by what Sommers has referred to as the “women’s grievance industry.”

Sommers believes the number of victims is overstated — crying wolf — and that this creates a danger in addressing real sexual assault.

Perhaps a little too much logic for liberal snowflakes afraid of a countering point of view.

Students concerned about being traumatized by Sommers opinion, which some equate to violence, say she supports rapists and posted “trigger warning” signs ahead of her appearance — they held up similar signs as she spoke.

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“While they were creating safe spaces and giving one another trigger warnings, campus administration provided me with two police officers who were sort of my bodyguards,” Sommers told Fox News. “So I think they felt I wasn’t very safe among the ‘safe spacers.'”

Offering a running commentary on her appearance on Twitter, Sommers shared her take on the night:

Other social media users weighed in on how ridiculous college campuses have become in this country, with conservative firebrand and Oberlin graduate Michelle Malkin leading the charge. Here is a sampling from Twitter:

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