America cheers for judge’s smackdown of thug: People ‘get up and go to work every day . . . this is not your hood’

A Tennessee judge is becoming an Internet sensation after a non-nonsense courtroom statement to a thug who claimed he shot a member of another gang for being in his hood.

Hamilton County Judge Lila Statom‘s Tennessee drawl only emphasized her combination of anger and disgust toward murder suspect O’Shae Smith, accused of attempting to murder another man in a housing project called East Lake Courts.

“Sir, East Lake Courts is not your hood,” she said. “It’s the citizens of the United States who own that because they work and pay taxes. You don’t own that.

“It used to be a very nice place to live in fact my grandmother lived there and I spent many a nights and it was a nice place where you could walk around.

“People like you have made it a violent, unsafe place to live and hopefully we can make it the place that it used to be back when it was originally built for people who didn’t have anywhere else to live, to make it a safe place to live.”

According to WRCB in Chatanooga, Statom sent the case to a grand jury.

And America cheered.

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