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DNC job posting jokes about Benghazi deaths; provokes wrath of disgusted Americans

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A Democrat communications hack with the title of “senior email campaigner” posted a job opening for the Democrat National Committee that makes a joke about the deaths of four Americans at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi.

And he’s finding out just how furious Americans really are.

Here’s the original tweet posted by the DNC’s hack Eric Reif, one of those wunderkind’s who staffed the Obama presidential campaigns. He apparently tried to delete it when some adult at the DNC headquarters came into the room, but a sharp-eyed Twitter user captured it first.

And the fury poured in.

Actually, neither of those last two tweets are realistic. Of course there’s a double standard in how the mainstream media treats Republicans, but the real point is, it’s virtually unimaginable. Does anyone — of any political persuasion — think it’s even possible that a Republican office would make a joke like that?

It takes a morally stunted Democrat to think that kind of thing is funny.

And making acrostics in a supposedly professional Internet posting takes a Democrat who’s particularly stunted in maturity.

Really, it must have caught young Reif by surprise just how ignorant the rest of the world thought the posting was. But the fact that a “senior email campaigner” for the morally bankrupt Democratic National Committee actually used a joke about dead Americans as a recruiting tactic tells us plenty about the kind of people who work there — and the kind of people they’re looking for.

It tells us a lot about the party that’s had the White House for the past six years, too.

And that’s sad.



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