Laura Bush disagrees with Obama: Says NO his wife shouldn’t get BIG paycheck from taxpayers

President Obama chose tax day last week to promote the Democrat myth of a Republican “war on women” by declaring that first ladies — or at least his first lady — should be paid for what they do.

But Laura Bush, a woman who held the unofficial title for eight years, has a different take — and it’s one most Americans can understand.

“Now Michelle would point out first ladies get paid nothing, so there’s clearly not equal pay at the White House when it comes to her and me,” the president said at a townhall meeting in South Carolina.

And he didn’t just want a salary for his wife — he wanted her to get paid big time!

“I want a big paycheck for Michelle,” he said.

Question: Would this mean she would start paying for her own million-dollar vacations, accompanied by legions of aides and security agents? Doubtful.

Bush was asked about salaries for presidential wives last January in an interview promoting C-SPAN’s series “First Ladies.”

“I don’t think so,” she replied. “There are plenty of perks, believe me.”

(And if anyone should know about those perks, it would be Michelle Obama.)

Bush went on to state in that interview that the real question should be whether first ladies should be permitted to continue working in positions they already have and presumably enjoy.

So who are in the entitlement class? The “fat cat” Republican Bushes, or the demanding Democrat Obamas?


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