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SLOBS! Greenies’ Earth Day party trashes National Mall; social media scorn pours in

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Nothing embodies hypocrisy like a large liberal gathering, and this year’s Earth Day celebration on the National Mall was no exception.

While tea party rallies are known for leaving their venues in impeccable condition, often cleaner than they were found, the same cannot be said for the supposed environmentally friendly attendees at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day rally, held Saturday in Washington, D.C.


Hosted by rap star will.i.am and broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien, the rally featured recording artists Usher, Mary J. Blige and Gwen Stefani, among others top stars. Thousands turned out for the festivities.

The rally was a joint initiative of the Global Poverty Project and Earth Day Network, proving that the left never misses an opportunity to espouse the tenets of wealth redistribution.

Outraged vet in trouble for taking on free
speech; she couldn’t bear to see flag trampled on

Never mind the enormous carbon footprint the event left in its wake, those in attendance were clearly not shy about leaving behind scars from their presence.

A photo of a recycling can overflowing with trash, right next to a regular trash can, was particularly telling.

Here’s a sampling of photos and responses posted on Twitter that are bound to make you miss those tea party rallies:

Tom Tillison


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