Why comedian Adam Carolla says ‘I want to support Ted . . . .I love me some Ted Cruz’

Comedian and talk radio host Adam Carolla told his listeners that he’s a huge fan of presidential contender U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I love me some Ted Cruz,” he said of the Texas Republican.

During Carolla’s Friday podcast, Cruz stressed the importance of his fight against Washington elites and lamented how key issues like meaningful tax reform get shoved to the back burner by liberal priorities like gay rights.

“A lot of the time what politicians are trying to do it to distract the voters with smoke and mirrors, rather than talk about the issues that really matter to their lives,” Cruz said.

Carolla said he liked what he was hearing.

“TedCruz.org is where you go if you want to support Ted,” the comedian told his listeners. “I want to support Ted.”

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