Obama smugly chastises GOP Senators for going too far: ‘This is embarrassing’

After giving an update on the Iran deal that will raise some eyebrows, President Obama smugly chastised the U.S. Senate in a press conference Friday over a 2-month delay in the confirmation vote for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.

“Nobody can describe a reason for it beyond political gamesmanship in the Senate,” Obama said.

“I have to say that there are times where the dysfunction in the Senate just goes too far. This is an example of it.

“Enough. Enough. Call Loretta Lynch for a vote. Get her confirmed. Put her in place. Let her do her job. This is embarrassing,” he said.

A dispute over the “inclusion of an anti-abortion provision in an anti-human trafficking bill,” is the main reason for the controversial delay according to Fox News.

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88 thoughts on “Obama smugly chastises GOP Senators for going too far: ‘This is embarrassing’

  1. Butterfly_fairy says:

    Speaking of embarrassing Barry…

  2. Wcharnock says:

    Lynch is a loser criminal…she should not be confirmed…and to Obama if I was senator…I would tell him to Kiss my ass…Obama is a joke…

    1. Doug says:

      Why doesn’t the Senate reject her. Seems rather simple.

      1. Jeff Simon says:

        Because they are CHICKENS! Political Correctness. Fear. Political Expediency. They wouldn’t have the guts required to block Angela Davis if she was nominated.

      2. SusieQ says:

        You know Doug, I think they are holding Ms Lynch/Holder, whichever, hostage . About time to quit being so nicy- nice. They will force the democrats to put through legislation they want passed before she is released.
        I don’t agree with approving her but until Tom Terrific is out of office he will just continue to bring his leftist friends up for the job, Gotta have a good buddy in the justice dept., besides, nothing will be her decisions anyway.
        Holder will be behind the curtain pushing the buttons and pulling the puppets strings. She’s a front gal.

  3. Mi Li says:

    The embarrassment to our country is the faux president and doug you’re nothing but a kool aid drinking liberal commie and idiot. Every post you make embarrasses me for you.

    1. Doug says:

      Just skip over my stuff. I’d hate for you to go through life embarrassed.

      1. Mi Li says:

        I wish I could but you type so much it can’t be helped. What you should hate is embarrassing yourself with the diahherea that starts in your brain and comes out through your fingers through your keyboard. You really need to wake up and get your head on right and stop living the lies of the left. The commie left has destroyed our once great moral country. The minority of the left are all mentally ill. Get help for that and change your ways. It’s not to late.

        1. Doug says:

          I write very brief comments not long diatribes such as yourself. By the way, it’s “diarrhea.”

          1. Mi Li says:

            By the way you have a million brief comments. Which by word count out number mine and yours are all gibberish. ; )

          2. Doug says:

            Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe you can explain why Senate doesn’t bring this woman to a vote and reject her? Susie seems stumped.

          3. SusieQ says:

            I’m really stumped as to why you helped put Obama in office your question is small change next to that. Never a answer from you though on the biggest hoax played on this country.

          4. Doug says:

            Susie who or what I voted for has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I don’t see how that has to do with a confirmation.

          5. Tanya Anderson Chadwick says:

            The reason they haven’t confirmed her and most likely will end up voting her in is simple!! The race card will be thrown up and it will make the protesters in Ferguson look like child’s play!! The fact that she is a black female has nothing to do with her being named the new AG!! I would support Mia Love or Condolezza Rice and guess what they are both black very influential women!!! This nomoniee is outright scary to me!!! I can see martial law in our near future if she is named the new AG!! This is a damned it you do and damned if you don’t situation the Republicans are in!!! Regardless of what happens with this nominee we are in big trouble!! This is also the reason why they won’t impeach him!!! He is aiding the enemy and has done so multiple times in the last 6years. Negotiating with terrorist to bring a deserter home ( charges have been made) without congress approval is an impeachable offense!! Negotiating with Iran to allow them to continue developing nuclear weapons is also an impeachable offense!!! Granting amnesty to millions of illegal is also an impeachable offense.. Taking Cuba, Iran and Hama’s off of the terrorist watch list could also be grounds for impeachment!! Ordering the release of thousands of illegals in our prisons regardless of their charges would also be a reason to impeach him!!! He has changed his own healthcare law multiple times which only congress is allowed to do( its in the constitution)!! If a republican had done all of this they would have been charged and put in prison!! Hell look what they did to Bill Clinton when he was president and he did nothing incomparison to our current terrorist in chief!!! He has continued to let captured top ranking Taliban and Al Queda out of Gitmo!!! Wake the hell up to what’s going on in this country and unless some of you can prove by actual facts that any of this isn’t true don’t waste your time commenting!! Also I don’t care how many misspelled words I have typed because its not at all relevant to the content of my post!! When I say prove me wrong with actual facts I want to know where you found it!! The multiple scandals that we have going on within this administration will never be completely investigated if this woman is confirmed by the senate!!

          6. SusieQ says:

            Tanya, I hope you are talking to everyone in general ’cause i’m part of your posse. Doug is BIG lib and who voted for, twice I might add, is why we are in the this how-do-ya-do situation.
            i have heard your prediction about what would happen if he were to be impeached.Oh, my, Ferguson would look like a playground game.
            The ones who groomed Obama, George Soros, the commies in Chicago, part of the Bill Ayers ex-weatherman group etc. knew this day would come.They already knew they had the winning hand if Obama’s tentacles reached every crevice of this country.
            Everything all fired up in the Middle East is a vision come true for these nefarious hoodlums.
            Obama partners with the muslims for a reason, enticing illegals for a reason , he does not like this country, period!
            Look up Lynch’s past read about the John Doe trials in NYC that tells you who she is , no scruples .Besides i feel that Holder will be the puppet master for her. Putting someone else in there as a front gal lets the steam out.
            Now that he has his second term it pedal to the metal time.
            The first one to cry foul when it affects are your big lib voters.
            You are right , it is scary times ahead..

          7. SusieQ says:

            One thing more Tanya. I think they are holding up the approval because it will be a trade off for legislation the republicans want passed.
            Like it or not Obama will still be parading his activist nominees in there. That’s the way it is. The rule for AG should be changed , the president and the AG should be from a different party affiliation.
            Obama, Lynch, etc appear to be the one in charge but there is a entity somewhere I believe that gives the orders.
            Obama couldn’t run a two car funeral and get to the cemetery on time. He is in this for fun , being a big shot and throwing money around like a drunken sailor.

          8. Mi Li says:

            Doug, you’re right, they should bring the vote on and be done with her. She should not be put in that position and I know you’re smart enough to know why. The question is are you honest enough to admit it?

          9. SusieQ says:

            Didn’t get your Geritol today, sound kind of crabby. Walgreens is on just about every corner.

          10. Doug says:

            All I read here day after day are these silly names for the Democrats, who seem to get their way on a lot of things. You moaned about not having Congress. You got it. Maybe some of the do-nothing GOP have earned some silly names.

          11. SusieQ says:

            Why I think you are right Doug but the silliest thing I’ve heard of lately are the people who voted for Obama, twice!
            Look, the GOP haven’t been a powerhouse. Hopefully that will be worked out, after all it took over six years to get to this torturous pitiful point in our history. The GOP is the lesser of two evils. Much less.
            Maybe if everyone had done their homework we would not be fighting the likes of Stymie’s psycho actions and petulant, immature behavior.
            Stymie by the way is not a silly name and fit’s his majesty’s non-leadership perfectly.

          12. Doug says:

            If you like the name by all means use it. So I can expect down the road to see the GOP Pit Bull Congress come to the fore. But if you don’t win the Presidency…..

          13. SusieQ says:

            The GOP will win, especially if Hillary runs, not a doubt.

          14. rfrichey says:

            Actually it’s sh*t for brains. You keep asking, help me here? Detox of the brain might help.

  4. Hoppyman50 says:

    A president, regardless of his or her party affiliation must understand the party in power can do what they see fit! If this thin skinned moon bat follower of communist hero’s must understand, there are two equal powers in the system of government he was elected in. What a fecking concept!

    1. Doug says:

      Exactly. GOP controls Congress. President can only appoint and Senate can reject.

  5. lildebrarae says:

    We need someone who’ll enforce the law, not some #LIBStapo_agenda!

  6. Jeff Simon says:

    Dear “Mr. Smartest Guy in the Room”: Maybe if YOU Weren’t such a frequent liar that the American people cannot trust you on ANYTHING, all of this caution wouldn’t be necessary. You freaking Crybaby. That goes for Hillary and the rest of the Democrats too.

  7. Pat_riot_1 says:

    The real embarrassment is Barry himself. This woman should NEVER be confirmed as she has bluntly stated the it is her intent to ignor the Constitution, as Holder has done.

    1. Doug says:

      Why hasn’t Senate rejected her?

  8. rfrichey says:

    If Hussein recognizes anything embarrassing then he should know that he is an embarrassment to this country.

  9. lgeubank says:

    It IS embarrassing. Obama talks like the leader of a high-school “mean girls” club. He’s always inciting his followers against his enemies; that’s his characteristic form of political debate.

    Just once I’d like to hear him make an honest, coherent, reasoned case for one of his policies. But his aims are so underhanded and surreptitious, he can’t talk about them honestly. That’s why he’s “Mussolini for Morons.”

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