In ‘Fox & Friends’ interview, Rubio shows just what a little man Harry Reid really is

If Marco Rubio shows this much class for the rest of the campaign, his Republican rivals better watch out.

The Florida senator and contender for the Republican presidential nomination  reacted to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s characterization of him as a “loser” Thursday by showing true character.

“The worst thing we can do is talk about it,” Rubio told the “Fox & Friends” gang Thursday. “That’s what he wants.”

It’s also pretty much what the country has come to expect from liberal/progressive politicians in recent years.

“There used to be a line of civility in American politics,” Rubio said. “It’s particularly problematic on the left. They never argue with you about ideas. Their instant reaction is to attack you personally. I’m not saying people on the right don’t do it, it happens. But it’s so much more common on the left.”

During the 2012 presidential election, Reid infamously — and falsely — accused GOP nominee Mitt Romney of not paying any taxes for 10 years. The forum he chose to make this claim was the Senate floor, where he enjoys total immunity from prosecution for anything he says.

Conclusion? Not only is Reid despicable, but he’s a coward — he didn’t have the guts to repeat those remarks off the Senate floor.

Despicable coward? That’s pretty much the definition of a loser.

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