‘I want a BIG paycheck for Michelle’: Obama thinks jet-setting first lady needs more than vacations

Because jetting around the world to exotic locations and staying in 5-star luxury resorts is not as easy as it appears, President Obama thinks first lady Michelle Obama should get a paycheck — and not just any paycheck.

On the very day millions of Americans begrudgingly pay their tax debt to Uncle Sam, Obama proposed to add to that burden by advocating for a paycheck for the first lady, according to Breitbart News.

“Now Michelle would point out first ladies get paid nothing, so there’s clearly not equal pay at the White House when it comes to her and me,” the president said Wednesday at a townhall in South Carolina.

Proving how out of touch he is with ordinary Americans who struggle to come up with the money to write their annual check to the U.S. Treasury, Obama went for it all, calling the issue a “no brainer.”

“I want a big paycheck for Michelle,” he said.

Never mind that taxpayers are already on the hook for millions in support of the first lady.

According to a 2009 FastCheck.org investigation, Michelle Obama had a staff of 24 — the most of any previous first lady — which cost taxpayers $1.6 million annually in salaries alone.

And while the Obamas pay their own expenses on family vacations, Judicial Watch said taxpayers are hit with millions of dollars in flight expenses, lodging, entertainment, and security expenses.

But the president wants a big paycheck for Michelle?

Twitter users weren’t buying it.





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