Hillary calls kids’ education a ‘non-family enterprise’ — gets hammered on social media

At her first official campaign stop, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised the “Common Core” curriculum and its effects on education, which she referred to as our “most important, non-family enterprise.”

Her appearance Tuesday at at Kirkwood Community College in Monticello, Iowa, featured a round-table discussion that included students and educators.

Clinton eventually accepted questions from the participants.

“I think the Common Core is a wonderful step in the right direction of improving American education,” 20-year veteran high school English teacher “Diane” said. “It’s painful to see that attacked.”

She then asked Clinton what could be done to “bring that heart back to education in the United States.”

“Your question is a larger one,” Clinton said, after praising the teacher’s statement as a “powerful, touching comment.”

“How do we end up at a point where we are so negative about the most important, non-family enterprise and the raising of the next generation — which is how our kids are educated?”

Huh? Public education is now a “non-family enterprise”?

The remark reminded libertarian Fox Business Network host John Stossel of a 1996 book Clinton wrote as first lady — “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.”

Stossel tweeted:

In response to the Clinton book, 2008 Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum penned, “It takes a Family,” arguing that if America is to succeed, it has to get away from “big government” controlling our lives, and recognize the importance of the family unit as the ultimate decision-maker.

Stossel’s observation enjoyed hundreds of re-tweets and favors, as well as a host of responses, including these:

One Twitter user wondered:

I trust it has its share of village idiots as well.

H/T: TheBlaze

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90 thoughts on “Hillary calls kids’ education a ‘non-family enterprise’ — gets hammered on social media

  1. oledriller says:

    Its all about the “Village”, the Democrats Marxist Collective, their taxpayer funded baby sitters and “common corrupt” indoctrination centers for children. Then they can smoke crack, continue to breed and proliferate like cockroaches across the land, thus guaranteeing future generations of progressive libtard voters.

  2. GAU-8 says:

    Washington, D.C., schools topped per-pupil spending at $18,667 (CNN 2012)

    In Washington, DC, the official graduation rate is 59%

  3. Mlm46 says:

    It’s just a matter of time when the government decides that children belong to the State and parents have no say so anymore!

  4. Thomas L. Stafford says:

    This ought to gall any parent with half of a brain. The statistics make it very clear. Kids that come from broken homes do poorly in school and life. Why, because they do not get the educational support at home. I went to excellent schools. But, I still received the majority of my education from my parents.

  5. tbird90sc says:

    The whole thing sounds completely rehearsed and orchestrated. Sounds exactly like Hillary Clinton.

  6. Shirley says:

    Wonder how long it took them to find someone who loved Common Core. She obviously does not realize that parents hate it and so do many teachers. I just found out that some organization gets $33.00 for each exam taken. That’s why our kids are getting tested to death. One of the reasons I would not vote for Bush or anyone who approves of Common Core.

  7. flamengo1265 says:

    Maybe we can teach kids to be so smart that they can manage 2 e-mail accounts at the same time. Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife is a creep.

  8. mackelby says:

    A table of idiots.

  9. Sam Spade says:

    Common Core = Indoctrination creating non-thinking drones.

    So of course she supports it.

  10. sirlanse says:

    The idea of a common core of subjects, so that a High School Diploma means the same thing from Seattle to Miami to L.A. is good. The problem starts when the Gates foundation wants to have copyrights on all the materials. Common Core should be an Open Source project with the Collective Commons. The materials would be FREE to copy. They would be free to put together the BEST practices, not just the ones they can copyright and OWN.

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