Clinton privilege: Video catches Hillary’s ‘Scooby’ van parked in HANDICAPPED spot

Video surfaced Thursday providing proof positive that the Clintons don’t follow the same rules regular folks do.

Local ABC affiliate KETV Channel 7 News in Council Bluffs, Iowa, captured footage of former secretary of state and would-be Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leaving a meeting with Democrat leaders at the Main Street Cafe in Council Bluffs.

According to the station, the meeting lasted about an hour.

Her vehicle, dubbed “Scooby” van, is clearly parked in a handicapped zone.


Clinton exhibited her usual sense of secrecy and paranoia at the meeting. KETV reported:

Pottawattamie County Democratic Chairwoman Linda Nelson said the meeting was so private that everyone invited was asked to hand over their cellphones and cameras before taking part.

Clinton told local Democrats she would be leaving Iowa on Thursday, but would not disclose her next stop.

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18 thoughts on “Clinton privilege: Video catches Hillary’s ‘Scooby’ van parked in HANDICAPPED spot

  1. Timothy Winkelkotter says:

    Are you telling me she’s not handicapped?

    1. BoobieTheRocketDog says:

      Well . . .

  2. Sons of Liberty says:

    They think laws don’t apply to them. I remember when one of the Kennedys (Patrick) was under the influence and slammed his car into a barricade at the Capitol. Or course, his uncle drove his into a bay, which cost the life of a young woman…and got away with it.

  3. Lutsen Lumberjack says:

    She needs some exercise.

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