Megyn Kelly: ‘I do NOT want to terrify Hillary . . . I would press her deep’

Hillary Clinton fobbed her official campaign announcement off on YouTube video, and she hasn’t stood in front of the media since her disastrous UN news conference to try to explain away her email scandal, but  Fox News’ Megyn Kelly wants her to sit down and take some questions.

From Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

On “The Kelly File” Monday, Kelly talked with Judge Andrew Napolitano about the possibility of Clinton’s doing an interview with Fox – either with Kelly or “O’Reilly Factor” host Bill O’Reilly. Kelly said she would ask the questions that needed to be answered.

“Bill, and I love him, does macro — as he always says — and I’ll go micro,” Kelly said. “And she needs to be asked the specific questions. You need to be able to go 10 layers deep with her, because that’s the only way you get answers.

“If you stay macro, she can handle that.”

“You have the ability to dig deep,” Napolitano said. “But Bill has the ability to terrify.”

“I don’t want to terrify Hillary,” Kelly said after some crosstalk. “I actually want to sit down and have a fair interview with her. I think the problem is … will she sit with somebody like me who would press her? And I would press her deep.”

“She has never been confronted in public, as far as I know, with somebody like you,” Napolitano said.

Not with the mainstream media she hasn’t, not with somebody like Kelly, O’Reilly, or really any journalist who was trying to conduct journalism instead of licking the palms of Democrat power.

Don’t expect to see Hillary sitting down with Kelly – or O’Reilly – anytime soon.

“She is wedded to secrecy,” Napolitano said. “And you and O’Reilly can burst that.”

Maybe, maybe not. But no one’s going to see Hillary Clinton risk that.



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