Hillary ‘Scooby’ van looks like road trip royalty; ‘All hail the queen,’ protester shouts

Only in the world of a woman who’s been living high on the hog does this look like a van the average family takes on a “road trip” to Iowa.

Fox News’ Ed Henry posted  a picture of the van former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is riding in Tuesday — and it looks nothing like the ramshackle “Mystery Machine” from the “Scooby Doo” cartoons that allegedly inspired Clinton to nickname it Scooby.

This is why they’re called “limousine liberals.”

Speaking of “out of touch” queens, Mrs. Clinton’s welcome in Iowa might not have been the kind of welcome the former first lady was expecting.

Two protesters and a fair amount of local ridicule greeted Hillary Clinton’s road trip into Iowa Tuesday aboard Scooby, the van named after a long-running kids’ cartoon “Scooby Doo,”.

Protester Joey Gallagher greets Hillary Clinton’s arrival in Iowa City, Iowa. (Photo: Daily Mail)

The demonstrators accused the former first lady, senator and secretary of state of having ties that are too close to Wall Street as well as accepting financial support from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that taints her image as a potential president of the United States.

“All hail the queen!” shouted one of the protesters, identified by the Daily Mail as Iowa City resident Joey Gallagher.

Gallagher’s also an apparent supporter of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, since the Daily Mail reports that he tried to scribble out the “Stand With Rand” slogan on the back of the sign.)

His partner in protest, identified as Matthew Evans, said the pair wasn’t affiliated with any candidate – just showing their displeasure with America’s self-anointed royalty.

“We’re not here with anybody,” Evans told the Daily Mail. “We’re here to see the queen …

Protester Matt Evans scratches out the “Stand With Rand” slogan on the back of his anti-Hillary sign Tuesday in Iowa City, Iowa. (Photo: Daily Mail)

“Give the Saudi money back!” he hollered as Clinton’s van pulled into the parking lot, accompanied by its lead and chase car for post-presidential (and pre-presidential?) security.

Doesn’t every American family hitting the road drive that kind of van? Complete with a lead car and chase car full of taxpayer funded Secret Service agents?

True. But some Twitter users wondered whether even a tricked out vehicle like this one was appropriate.



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