OOPS! Dem strategist says to watch bumbling fake female president on HBO’s ‘Veep’ to ‘see how women lead’

Conservatives often believe that liberals live in a fantasy world. With the right it’s all nuts and bolts; with the left, it’s all about unicorns and rainbows.

This notion was confirmed Sunday night by Democratic strategist Donna Brazile when she tweeted:

So women should learn how to lead from comedian/actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus portraying fictional President Selina Meyer? Wow! Forget education and experience — just watch your favorite characters on TV to get ahead.

And I’m not the only one who was taken aback.

Then there’s the character itself. Selma Meyer isn’t the most competent of world leaders — she’s downright bumbling, a fact that wasn’t lost on Twitter:

And perhaps Brazile can use television-watching to provide insight in other areas as well:

The chocolate factory episode.

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