‘Morning Joe’ panel laughs out loud at THIS unlikely reason Hillary hesitated to run

Associated Press reporter Julie Price brought a round of unintentional humor to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday when she fielded a question about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy with one literally unbelievable answer.

She didn’t want to get in Joe Biden’s way?

No one even remotely familiar with either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden could believe for one second that Clinton would sacrifice a chance at returning to the White House for the literally non-existent chance that Biden would run for and win the presidency for the Democratic Party.

No one.

To be fair, Price made a point of saying there was never any real doubt Clinton was going to run herself, and Price was listing only factors that might have caused her to reflect a little before doing so.

But the idea that Lady MacBeth of Chappaqua considered for even an eye blink shelving her own presidential ambitions to pave Destiny’s path for President Joseph Robinette Biden doesn’t pass the laugh test.

Unless laughing loud is an A.

Twitter wasn’t buying it much either.

No one’s ever called Hillary an idiot.

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