Clinton team compares Hillary to OJ Simpson, leaving themselves wide open . . .

Those Clinton aides think of everything, right down to whether their candidate – and the Democrat Party’s seemingly inevitable choice for 2016 – is setting herself up to be compared to the most famous suspected double murderer of the 1990s.

The Clinton road trip to Iowa is hitting the interstate sure to be followed by a media pack unrivaled since a famous Ford led cops and reporters on a low-speed chase through southern California two decades ago.

“We know at some point she’ll get OJ’ed like the white Bronco,” one campaign aide told Politico.

“But it’s worth the risk … If she gets mobbed or we have a circus-type scene, that’s one day in an 18-month campaign, and we can deal with it.”

It probably wasn’t a comparison the Clintons welcomed, no matter how blase the aide might be. Check out the Twitter response to see why.

Even if they wanted to, they’d have trouble getting past the lead car and the chase car bristling with well-armed security agents — just like normal Americans have when they go on a road trip.

But there ‘s a whole lot of Americans who’d agree with this guy.

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