‘SNL’ nails it mocking Hillary’s big announcement: ‘I WILL be your LEADER!!!!’

“Saturday Night Live” got an early jump on the news cycle Saturday with a cold open that boiled Hillary Clinton’s expected announcement today that she’s running for president down to the cold fact that for the Clintons, American democracy is a game played for the benefit of the Clintons.

“Citizens, elect me, I WILL be your leader,” “SNL” staffer Kate McKinnon snarls, playing Clinton warming up for her speech.

And no “SNL” Clinton parody would be complete without a return of Darrell Hammond playing former President Bill Clinton, and giving America a painful look at what the country will have to look forward to if the Democrat Party succeeds on the mad course it’s on.

“SNL” full-throated mockery of the Clinton dynastic aspirations nails it.

Another Clinton presidency is a bad, bad joke.

Let’s help the jeering drown out the coronation cheers.

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