Man’s honest lesson about race and traffic stops goes viral – ‘ignorance has no color’

A video of a young black man recounting an encounter with a police officer is gaining attention for the improbable pro-cop message it sends.

In the footage, the man explained that he had just been pulled over for a traffic violation, stressing that he was compliant throughout the stop and that the cop eventually allowed him to go with just a warning.

“The point of this is to say that I am an African-American male, [and] this gentleman was Caucasian,” he said. “There was no problem. He did his job; I did what I was supposed to do.”

The man then offered a refreshing perspective on those who believe all cops are bad.

“People need to understand that not all officers are crooked, not all officers are racist, bad people,” he said. “And not all people who get shot or tased or arrested by officers are innocent victims. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re a victim. Just because you’re white doesn’t mean you’re a racist. Just because you’re a cop doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.”

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He ended the video by delivering a bit of advice that would serve us all well in today’s overly sensitive, reactionary world.

“This world really needs to stop putting labels on people and see them for who they are — people,” he said. “Ignorance has no color.”

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Tom Tillison


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