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Liberals caught lying about Rand Paul storming off during Guardian interview; it never happened

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Staffers at London’s liberal newspaper, The Guardian, are accusing GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul of a journalistic indignity: abruptly ending an interview and turning out the studio lights.

The account was quickly proven wrong, but that didn’t stop liberals from discarding the truth in exchange for an opportunity to bash Paul.

The U.S. senator from Kentucky, the second Republican to announce his bid for the 2016 presidential election, granted an interview with The Guardian on Friday, TalkingPointsMemo reported.

After answering reporter Paul Lewis’ questions, Paul said, “I’ve got time for one more.”

According to TalkingPoints, Lewis then asked a rather long-winded question about Paul’s libertarian background and campaign strategy, and Paul answered the question.

Video posted by The Guardian shows Lewis attempting to follow up the question, but Paul looked off camera and walked away, leaving Lewis’ words hanging.

Lewis stepped in front of the camera and said he was cut off “maybe because I was about to push him on the specifics.” Then the studio lights went black.

Liberal pundits pounced on the opportunity to ridicule Paul, with some calling him “testy.”

The problem with their version of the story is that it never happened.

Paul left the interview because he was scheduled to speak with CNN’s Dana Bash. CNN producers turned out the lights, not Paul’s campaign.

Even Lewis admitted that fact, but was still upset that Paul left the interview before he finished.

Twitter users reminded Lewis and his liberal colleagues that they should perhaps act a bit more professionally.

At least one reporter corrected her story.

After all, the media should report the news, not create it.

Editor’s note: An original version of this article incorrectly reported Rand Paul as “the first Republican to announce his bid.”  It has been corrected.

Steve Berman


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