Holder sends memo to DOJ, it’s not OK to solicit sex from prostitutes

If a recent edict by Attorney General Eric Holder is really necessary, we may have bigger problems as a nation that we realize.

Holder felt compelled to send out a memo this week reminding Justice Department employees that it’s not okay to solicit sex from prostitutes, according to The Washington Post.

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“I want to reiterate to all Department personnel, including attorneys and law enforcement officers, that they are prohibited from soliciting, procuring, or accepting commercial sex,” Holder wrote in the memo.

“The solicitation of prostitution threatens the core mission of the Department, not simply because it invites extortion, blackmail, and leaks of sensitive or classified information, but also because it undermines the Department’s efforts to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking,” he added.

Holder said the “rule applies at all times… regardless of whether the activity is legal or tolerated in a particular jurisdiction, foreign or domestic.”

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While an incident involving DEA agents attending sex parties in Colombia is not mentioned in the memo, The Post suggested this is what prompted the missive.

“It seems almost certain that the memo follows from revelations last month that agents with the DEA — a branch of the Department of Justice — attended sex parties hosted by Colombian cartels,” the newspaper said.

Or Holder may just want to ensure his agency is not mistaken for the Secret Service.

Justice Department employees found to have violated the rule would face “suspension or termination.”

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